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The Draconic Chart its deep insight into your life past life, driving principles, spiritual purpose, vocation, and karma.Through our Draconic chart we can discover and be aware of our soul's purpose.
The Draconic chart is there to remind you of who you truly are, beyond this. Although you are a singular person living her on Earth, with a certain personality, there is a soul-stream behind you that also has its own ‘personality.’ We can access this through the Draconic and it is a boon to us, it is a gift to know this energy, because it is like coming home to ourselves.This is what the Draconic chart represents, it is the soul, the self within the self. It goes beyond this life, it is the energy of your soul stream, floating above you in space, trying to communicate its essence into your every day life. In exploring the Draconic chart, we shift who we are, because we come to awareness of this special energy within us.

Now this is not to say you aren’t truly your natal chart. That is the doorway through which your Draconic self, your soul, comes down to Earth. For whatever reason, you needed the characteristics in your natal chart during this incarnation. It almost feels, to me, that these are characteristics that would suit your needs early in life.

This session during 1 hour and includes questions about the chart itself.

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