Astro-Coaching ( Psychotherapy Tools)



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Develop your high potential through astrology and Shine like a Diamond!!

Program developed to accompany you for 1 and Half Month, so that you awaken your absolute potential. Through astrology we will discover how to access your maximum potential and with the help of therapeutic psychotherapy tools we will work on the shadow aspects of your chart to make it shine like a diamond. In this mentoring and coaching you will discover how to reach your high potential and you will be able to be reborn to a new version of yourself. With the guide of Dalmeet Astrologer and Psychologist we will address the healing of your mind and soul from a therapeutic approach, to achieve your goal reprogramming your new self.

This Program includes Natal and Draconic Astral Charts + 1 Session per Week of 1/30 Hours for Life Coaching for 8 weeks (online.) In total 9 session 

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