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Therapeutic Coaching is comprehensive support focused on learning and self-knowledge so that through this you can achieve your goals, both personally and professionally. Through self-knowledge we can improve the area of ​​your life with which you are not completely satisfied.

Sometimes we feel blocked, but we don't know why. The cause may be an unconscious conflict that keeps us in an uncomfortable and harmful place from which we are not able to get out. Through the use of different tools such as Wingwave Coaching, we can work on these conflicts and unblock them so that they stop being a barrier between you and your goals. Or just so you can feel at peace.

Self-knowledge is the starting point for any change. When you know who you are and where you are, you can choose where you want to go and get there. Strengthen your self-esteem. Discover your own resources to use them to your advantage. Discover your values ​​to live in coherence with them.

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